Laser Therapy (EVLT)

What Is an EVLT Procedure?

EVLT (also called endovenous laser therapy, EVLA, and endovenous laser ablation), is an outpatient procedure that treats vein disease and unhealthy veins with thermal energy. The purpose of EVLT is to close damaged veins and reroute blood into functional veins. Circulation improves immediately after treatment with EVLT. This highly effective procedure has a 90% success rate and is completed in just 30-45 minutes. 

Our vein doctors perform this minimally invasive treatment in our office with local anesthesia. We locate the problematic vein with ultrasound technology and numb a small area on your skin. With ultrasound guidance, we insert a needle that delivers anesthetic fluid to surround the vein and protect adjacent tissue. Our physicians then administer laser energy inside of the vein, which causes inflammation, and ultimately, closure of the vein. Blood begins flowing into viable veins, and the sealed vein is reabsorbed by the body. Patients wear an ACE bandage for 48 hours and a compression stocking for a week after treatment. But they can resume normal activities immediately. 


Is EVLT Effective?

Prior to the introduction of EVLT, surgery was the only option for patients with significant vein issues. In vein surgery (also called stripping or ligation), surgeons tie the vein off and remove it from the body. This requires multiple deep incisions and extensive recovery time, not to mention, serious risks and complications. It’s not uncommon for surgical patients to develop infections, blood clots, or internal bleeding, in addition to anesthetic complications and significant scarring. EVLT arrived in 2003 as a safer, less invasive option that took a fraction of the time and eliminated surgical risks and downtime. EVLT was the first successful alternative to vein stripping, which also prevents recurrent vein disease better than surgery.


What Side Effects Are Possible With EVLT?

With our experienced NY vein treatment doctors, most side effects of EVLT are avoidable.

Possible side effects of EVLT:

  • Common: Brief soreness
  • Common: Mild stiffness or bruising
  • Rare: Recurrent varicosities
  • Rare: Temporary numb sensation
  • Rare: DVT (deep vein thrombosis)
  • Extremely Rare: Infection


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