Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

How Does RF Ablation Work?

Our doctors use ultrasound technology to locate the damaged vein and direct radiofrequency to the vein’s walls. We begin by applying a local anesthetic to the entry point on your skin and then inserting a tiny catheter, or tube, into the vein.

We then inject tumescent anesthesia around the outside of the vein, which prevents discomfort and provides a heat barrier for surrounding tissue. Tumescence also causes the vein to collapse around the catheter, so that we can target the interior walls with radiofrequency.

Our doctors then administer thermal energy to the vein’s collagen, causing the vein to shrink and close, preventing blood from flowing into it. Our vein specialists observe the treatment via ultrasound to ensure precise catheter placement and successful closure of the vein.

Ultrasound technology is just one of the reasons to choose a board certified vein doctor for RFA. Training, technique, and technology greatly enhance the safety and efficacy of RFA. Following RF ablation, blood is redirected to efficient veins that pump it back toward the heart. RFA causes the unhealthy vein to shrink from sight, and eventually be absorbed by the surrounding tissue.

A tremendous benefit of RFA is that it requires no downtime and is typically covered by insurance, especially if you have vein disease. Our patients love that the procedure takes only 15-30 minutes and has a 98% success rate.

What Should You Expect After RFA?

One of the best things about RFA is that there’s no downtime involved. Most patients fit an RFA treatment into their lunch break and head straight back to work. You can walk immediately after treatment, with full recovery achieved in a few hours.

After treatment, our doctors will wrap your leg in an ACE bandage, which should remain in place for 24 hours, and advise you to wear a compression stocking for a week, to help blood flow into healthier veins.

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What are the Pros of RFA Treatment?

Pros of RFA

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