Why Is It Important to Choose a Vein Clinic Midtown That Offers Minimally-Invasive Treatments?

Top 3 Best Vein Treatment Options

The best venous insufficiency and varicose vein treatment offered at a vein clinic Midtown are those that are non-surgical and minimally-invasive vein treatment methods such as radiofrequency ablation, VenaSeal, or varithena. Minimally invasive treatments shut down the diseased saphenous veins, allowing blood flow to reroute through healthier veins, and offer many advantages over surgical treatment options, such as vein ligation/stripping, venous bypass surgery, and phlebotomy, which we will discuss later on in this article.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation starts out with a local anesthetic, followed by a small catheter that is inserted into the unhealthy vein. The vein doctor uses ultrasound imaging to guide the catheter to the right place, and after a numbing solution is delivered to the vein, the catheter delivers thermal energy to the vein walls to close them down. This vein treatment has over 97% success rate, and shows its effects immediately. The whole procedure takes less than an hour at a vein center and comes with minimal pain and discomfort.

Why is it important to choose a vein clinic midtown that offers minimally-invasive treatments? A reputable vein treatment center discusses the advantages of minimally-invasive treatments.


VenaSeal is a vein adhesive approved by the FDA which, like the name suggests, seals the saphenous vein in the leg that causes varicose veins. The VenaSeal glue closes the damaged vein in mere seconds, and the new seal reroutes the blood automatically through the healthy veins in your legs. This non-surgical treatment requires no local anesthetic, has little recovery time, is highly effective, and causes minimal discomfort, allowing patients to return to normal activities within a day after their appointment at a vein treatment clinic.


Varithena is a sclerotherapy foam injected by a vein doctor into the vein to reduce both the appearance and symptoms of large, bulky varicose veins. “Sclero” means hardening, which probably sounds like the opposite of what you want to happen to your veins. However, the foam is injected by a vein doctor into the damaged veins and irritates the vein wall linings, causing them to stick together and close off the vein. This eventually reroutes blood into healthier veins to promote better blood flow, and similarly to the first two treatments mentioned, it takes less than an hour at a vein clinic, and there is no pain or discomfort involved.


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Top 3 Worst Vein Treatment Options

Surgery was historically used to treat vein disease, but minimally-invasive technologies have quickly risen the ranks of preferred treatment options for both patients and vein doctors, as they are safer, easier for the patient and more effective. Now that we’ve discussed some of the best vein treatment options, which have no pain or recovery time, here are some of the surgical procedures that are available for treating vein disease but should be avoided.

Vein Ligation

For a vein ligation, the vein doctor makes a small incision to tie the veins to prevent blood from pooling if there is evidence of damage to the main saphenous veins that the varicose veins branch off of. The incision, although small, and the tying of the veins makes this an invasive vein treatment method, and leads to increased recovery time in order for the cut to heal.

Venous Bypass Surgery

Venous bypass surgery requires the use of a vein graft to create a new pathway for blood flow around a blocked vein. Vein specialists only use this as a last-resort when all other vein treatments fail to bypass the most serious blockages due to venous insufficiency, but minimally-invasive vein treatment methods are rarely insufficient treatment methods and are always the better choice.


The word phlebectomy comes from Latin roots: phleb (vein) and ectomy (surgical removal). Instead of using minimally-invasive treatments to address the cause of varicose veins to return them to their normal size, a phlebectomy removes large varicose veins altogether. This procedure requires incisions in the ѕkіn and a ѕmаll hооk to remove the veins, which leads to a lot of downtime for recovery, that safer and more painless minimally-invasive alternatives don’t have.

Vein Clinic Midtown that Offers Minimally-Invasive Treatments

Treatment for varicose veins and spider veins used to only be through surgical procedures, but through medical innovation, vein doctors at vein clinics can treat varicose veins and spider veins through minimally-invasive treatments. For vein treatment, you should always choose a vein doctor at a vein clinic Midtown that offers minimally-invasive procedures, to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of care.

Our Vein Treatment Clinic location in New York City is conveniently located in the heart of New York (the Big Apple!), near notable landmarks such as the Chrysler Building and Madison Square Park. The vein treatment center is easily accessible by train at both Grand Central Station and Penn Station. You can schedule your consultation with any of our three incredible vein doctors and be assured of the best possible care.

Dr. Sareh Rajaee is a Yale-trained vascular surgeon with extensive experience in vein and arterial disease. Her success rate with spider veins and varicose vein removal is excellent, but her priority isn’t the numbers. She believes in a holistic approach towards patient care, so strives to build relationships with her patients and advocate for their well-being.

Dr. Juan Montoya is a Yale-trained double board-certified specialist in venous medicine and cardiothoracic surgery. He is highly experienced in the latest minimally-invasive vein treatments to treat Chronic Venous Insufficiency and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Dr. Namrata Khimani is a double board-certified doctor who trained at both Harvard and Columbia. She is an expert in recurrent vein disease, and treating patients who have had procedures before. She is a medical educator, and is often visited by doctors from across the nation who want to learn her techniques in cutting-edge vein treatments.

All three of these vein doctors are board-certified, approachable, and prioritize patient care above all else, as they strive to provide everyone who sets foot in the vein treatment center with a pleasant visit. Click here for directions and check out the Vein Treatment Clinic location in New York City for vein treatment today!




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